Wedding Songs

What makes a good wedding song?

Your first dance is something that is remembered by your closest friends and family for a long time after your big day. It should be something meaningful, not only the words but something that is special to both of you. It is after all the first time you get to dance as a married couple!

When I was married a few years ago, bridal couples were still choosing old songs because they were traditional and romantic, however these days there is so much more choice!

We hope these songs help you choose the right song for your big day!…

The infamous song from the Movie The Wedding Singer has been used at a lot of weddings, but still a great choice for your first dance.

Take a listen to these beautiful songs…

I Choose You By Ryann Darling


Better Today By Coffey Anderson.


Take My Hand By Will Anderson


And our favourite one for this season must be Ed Sheeran’s Perfect

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