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Every wedding is unique and original, just like each bride and groom.  That is why we will always create an option to suit you and your wedding.  However, just to help you along, we’ve created the packages below based on our experience of helping brides and grooms have an amazing wedding experience.

Your Wedding PA

Planning you wedding should be a fun and exciting experience.  It’s certainly not the hardest job you’ll have to do, but it can be one of the most frustrating and stressful.  For most of us, planning a day-long event for a large number of people isn’t on our resume.  The majority of women have never had to consider the logistics of  entertaining their close friends, family and work colleagues all at the same time on the same day while looking fabulous!  We understand that working hard on your career, maintaining your relationship, building your dream house and everything else life throws at you, doesn’t leave a lot of time or energy to plan your wedding.  That’s ok – as your Wedding PA we have the time and expertise to plan and manage every aspect of your wedding.   Following a detailed planning schedule, we ensure every aspect of your wedding is planned without fuss or drama.  We have a large network of the best and most experienced suppliers who value our business and ensure our couples receive first class treatment.  We provide you with the best possible options leaving you to make the final decision on everything with our expert guidance.  Once the logistical side of your wedding is planned, we apply our styling expertise to create a design concept which flows throughout your wedding day.  We are responsible for the planning of every big and small detail of your wedding, so you can get on with work and life commitments.  Your Wedding PA is our premium service for women who desire the best wedding experience from now until their wedding day.  Contact us today to arrange a consultation with our team.

Your Wedding Coach

You may already have a sports coach, a business coach or lifestyle coach – wouldn’t life be easier if you had a wedding expert guiding through every decision you had to make for your wedding day? Feel your wedding-stress just melting away at the thought of having someone to listen to you and coach you through each step as you plan and style your perfect day. Your Wedding Coach will arm you with the information you need to make the best decision on everything from choosing the best photographer to finding the perfect dress. Following an in-depth consultation to discuss your dream wedding day, we will create a unique wedding planning schedule so you know what to do and when.  Details of hand-picked vendors will be sent to you and you’ll have regular meetings with your wedding coach to ensure that you are on track. You’ll have access to our styling service and utilise our help in the weeks leading up to your wedding where we will confirm all arrangements with your wedding vendors and ensure nothing has been missed. We’ll even be there on your wedding day to oversee the set up of your wedding ceremony and reception. No stress, just expert help and advice from Your Wedding Coach.


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