Address: Swan View,Perth

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There are wedding cake masters and then there is Jo Hameister – The Wedding Cake ‘Meister’.

A highly deserving title when you see her gallery of premium wedding cakes, particularly her famous to-die-for ‘Naked Cake‘. Nom nom.

Using only quality ingredients (no packets in sight) Jo has developed gourmet flavours like Sublime Lime and Coconut and Amazing Orange and Cointreau, with a cleverly designed slim fondant. Jo also offers a good old aussie fruit cake but with a modern twist – fruit soaked in french rum. Divine.

All Jo’s custom designed cakes are baked, handmade and decorated from her commercial kitchen and studio, next to her home in the Perth foothills. Here she can source ingredients right from her own property. Fresh lemons and free range eggs at the ready!

A country gal at heart, Jo was raised on her family’s, 5th generation wheatbelt farm where cooking and baking were a big part of day to day life. Jo recalls a fond memory… ‘My sister and I loved making damper. We would spend an entire day preparing the dough, lighting a camp fire to bake it and eagerly awaiting for the damper to cook so we could to tear off warm chunks and dollop butter and mum’s homemade jam. Yummo!’.

This is where Jo’s love of baking began and later grew: to making cakes and desserts for family and friends birthdays; and to cakes, dessert bars and lolly tables for special events and weddings. With such overwhelming praise and cheer, Jo discovered her passion and became obsessed with designing wedding cakes and styling for dessert bars and lolly tables, for the bride and groom to be. Her creativity was bountiful. Think rock candy, mini cheesecakes, meringues, persian fairy floss… an abundance of sweet goodness!

If you are browsing for the perfect centre piece for your wedding, then Jo, The Cake Meister is the gal to talk to. Easy going but committed, Jo will assist you in the creative process with consideration to your wedding theme, down to the tiniest details to ensure you have a magnificent and memorable cake. LET’S MEET!