Em & Dax


Photographer: Red Berry Photography

Venue: Grace Loves Lace

Flowers: Days Like These

When the bride is a wedding planner and the groom is a wedding photographer, it’s a sure thing that they’ll plan one heck of a day – just ask Em and Dax, whose one ‘must-have’ when planning their day was plain and simple. “We wanted a venue with little rules and no noise restrictions so we could party all night,” says Em, who tells us she’s seen her fair share of wedding cakes go to waste (unheard of!) so instead hired Duck duck goose catering to change things up.

“We thought to do something a little different with 3 different sized pavlova inspired cakes. These were later placed into little jars and served along with chocolate ice cream cones for dessert,” she tells us, adding that after following her dress online for about a year, she knew it was the one.

“It was a very easy find as Grace Loves Lace is perfect for the relaxed beach wedding we were going for. Grace Loves Lace had a Sydney show and my bridesmaids and mums came to see me try on this dress and a few others. Within 30 minutes, I was sized up and paid for – the dress would arrive in a few months!”

With photos by Red Berry Photography,  the pair couldn’t be more pleased with their big day, and are looking forward to future full of unexpected adventures, curly haired babies and tonnes of fluffy pillows on the bed.

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